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Have you ever dreamed of living in a Main Street Community in the mountains of Northern Idaho? How about owning a building erected in the late-1800’s which houses an historic saloon & grill? Wait, wait, there’s more…. this dream comes with the option to reside in a totally kick butt loft. Yea, never in my wildest dreams; but it happened, and here’s how.

In the summer of 2016 I road tripped up to Sandpoint, ID to visit one of my best friends and the ‘magic’ of Northern Idaho hit me like a Mack Truck; less serious injury or nasty scars, of course.

Two months later, Keith and I came up together and that Mack Truck hit him harder than it did me. Our original plan was to purchase a 5 to 10-acre piece of land, build a cabin, start raising livestock and live the dream. Long story short, 10 months later we stumbled upon Wallace and a little bird told us that 1313 Club was for sale. We came, we gasped and we signed on! This idyllic town has captured our hearts and is now the place we call home.

We’d like to extend a gynormous THANK YOU to the community of Wallace and The Silver Valley for such a warm welcome and generous support. Kudos to real estate agents, Ryan Schuster, and Jim Hendrixson for their guidance. Finally, many warm wishes to Dean and Jill Cooper for making sure we were comfortable and ready to make a go of this on our own. Our deep appreciation for your gracious time, energy and the desire for us to succeed is beyond words.

You never know where life may take you. After many years of contemplation, planning and wonder, in the end, we decided to let it take us where it may and we landed in a dream. We feel so Welcome in Wallace!

Peace Out,

Heidi and Keith

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Wallace!

  1. Avatar Jon Stevens says:

    This is nice, Happy for you guys. My wife and I will make a weekend out of it soon.

    Good Luck

    Jon Stevens

    1. Avatar heidi says:

      Thanks, Jon! Look forward to seeing you.


  2. Avatar Linda & Mike Roholt says:

    Congratulations on your new ownership of the 1313 club! My husband’s great-great grandmother, Eliza Heller, built the building the restaurant is housed in. We visited Wallace and met the Coopers about 5 years ago. We live in Portland, OR and intend to visit again in the future. We will definitely stop by for a meal and say hello!

    1. Avatar heidi says:

      Hello Linda & Mike,

      Thank you for reaching out. What a cool story about your husband’s great-great grandmother! Please let us know when you might be coming so we can make sure we’re here.

      Happy Holidays,

      Heidi and Keith

  3. Avatar Jim Hendrixson says:

    Congratulations once again to you both!! You guy’s are so perfect together and are going to absolutely Love Wallace.

  4. Avatar Roger Armendariz says:

    Congrats!! Best Wishes always!!

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