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Welcome to the 1313 Club




The 1313 Club is home to some of the best food in Historic Wallace, Idaho.  Our historic bar and restaurant offers a unique food selection in a great setting located in downtown Historic Wallace, Idaho.  The most commonly asked question is "How did the 1313 Club get its name?" There are a couple of different stories, the most popular is the fact that the original bar area was 13 feet high by 13 feet wide.  The other story is that when they opened there were already 12 bars and 12 brothels going in Wallace - making us the 13 13!  Pick the story you like best.



The 1313 offers:

  • A relaxed and fun place to meet your friends for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
  • A large selection of domestic, imported and microbrewed beer; extensive wine list and full bar.
  • An interesting and tasty menu from our master chef - Darrell.
  • Unique T-Shirts and clothing.
  • Custom picnic lunches or Catered Group Events on-site or off-site.
  • A unique setting for your special function, whether it is a birthday, reception, or work party.
  • Visit our Photo Gallery to get a feel for the 1313 Club, employees and events. 

The 1313 Club resides in the Heller Building.  This two-story brick building has two store fronts joined on the first floor.  The cast iron pilasters reamin today.  The second story retains its segmentally arched windows.  The Heller Building has housed a hotel upstairs, a bus depot, a barbershop and a cafe since it was rebuilt in 1891.  Come visit us to see how this old building is holding up today! 


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1313 Club

608 Bank St. Wallace ID 83873

(208) 752-9391

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